Long Resistance Band Set

I use them mostly in the first part of the workout, as a warm up, for muscle activation. 
But they are also a great help in reducing your weight in the early steps of learning the more complex bodyweight exercises.
If you've just started bodyweight training you can use them for pull ups or muscle ups. If you are working on the more advanced skills, instead, they will assist you in exercises like planche, maltese and front lever or in the first approach to rings. 
Last but not least, they are also excellent for doing muscle strengthening exercises, such as bicep curl, triceps extensions, etc.

Technical Details:
• Light resistance band - 1.3cm x 108cm 
• Offers between 15-35lbs of variable weight resistance. 
• Medium resistance band - 2.2cm x 108cm
• Offers between 25-65lbs of variable weight resistance. 
• Made from natural latex